The Harrison Dance Studios now and forever will be the foundation of unparalleled technical training created by the consistent standard of excellence and superb professional performing living as tradition within each Harrison dancer.

As a family who had as its goal the ability to provide the finest training in all three areas of dance in which we hold professional accreditation, The Harrison Studios has initiated an incomparable Children's Curriculum offering individual motivation and observation within an exacting and caring introduction of Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap with creative encouragement.  A Signature Professional Career Study Program guides an unsurpassed Lesson Plan of Classical Ballet and Theatrical Jazz and Tap with infinite performing opportunity proving a proud history of distinguished training in dance.

We have sixty-five years of experience perpetuating progressively a compelling course of study and nurturing atmosphere within which discriminating parents discover for their child a wondrous journey in artistic education.





Exquisite Caitlin
Principal Ballerina in “Pachelbel’s Canon”
Aesthetic elegance with which to grace the stage.
A possession to be prized for eternity.
Off to New York City!
Congratulations to Rachel and Laura! These beautiful,
impeccably trained dancers have passed their auditions,
and are off to study in the week-long
New York City Radio Music Hall Rockette Intensive,
culminating with a fabulous performance
with New York choreographers and professional dancers!
Congratulations to our beautiful Meg!
This lovely young woman has won her
audition to study in New York City in
the Radio City Music Hall Rockette Intensive
for one week this summer.  We are so
proud of her accomplishment, and we
applaud the first step of her quest!
Always believe in the beautiful miracle that you are.
Exquisite Rachel and Kevin in their perfect performance
of “The Prayer”


We arabesque with integrity and pride, and always respect
for one another. The Ladies of Five-Star “Somewhere”

 These ladies are the portend of the miracle of living.



Gently, so gently, stirs a sense of life and purpose and caring
that seems to make her be in motion while she is still.




Cherish the richness of our blessed nation from sea to
shining sea. We are proud to be Americans.
Fabulous Follies! Meg, Adrienne, and Laura
Our own “Dreamgirls” brought home the gold stars~
all FIVE of them ~ with their gorgeous, high energy
performance from this Broadway hit!





Sarah, Adrienne, Rachel, Laura, and Sheridan led
 the Company in a Five-Star performance of “Aladdin”
garnering glee and smiles with the brilliant embrace of
Disney music and Harrison production in their glory.





Their hearts beat in time with their sisters, their family~
Beautiful Adrienne and Meg and the magnificent
Ladies of The Chester County Senior Jazz Ensemble
brought loving applause and appreciation from the
Judges enjoying “New York, New York” ~
Miss Debbie’s masterpiece of New York Choreography




Pauses en pointe suspend time and speak to the heart.




In love is true strength, and who loves much, performs much,
and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.
       ~Vincent Van Gogh





Exquisite Laura and Thomas in classic elegance.
Innocence hidden, magnificent maturity defined.





Senior Five-Star Award Winning Ballerinas
Performing “The Way We Were”
Beautiful Sheridan, Exquisite Meghan, Glorious Adrienne




May your pure hearts begin the brilliant dance of life.




“Hooked on Swing” reminded the Judges and the audience
that The Harrison Starlight Tap Company is the finest
Production of Broadway Tap training on the East Coast!


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